Did Brian Noland Patronize ETSU Buccaneers Fans and Why Isn’t He Considering Ed DeChellis?

Marky Billson
7 min readMay 6, 2020

And why is he making Jason Shay squirm? Seven days and no coach!

Marky Billson

Perhaps the most distressing thing about the ETSU men’s basketball head coaching search is the amount of people saying “I have complete faith in ETSU President Brian Noland, athletic director Scott Carter, and former athletic director Richard Sander to find the right coach.”

That’s signing your life away. Even if one feels this trio is exceptionally competent, they’re not Jesus.

These are, after all, the people who brought you a football program with a 22–35 record.

Blind faith is never the best policy, and such a comment also makes one a hypocrite if later on he wishes to criticize the new coach for, say, a strategic move in a game.

It also lends the powers that be to patronize the fans, as Noland did in a yesterday in an online town hall.

Many credit Noland with the transformation of ETSU athletics

Noland, actively involved in the ETSU head men’s basketball coaching search, told people to “be patient” and “don’t believe the rumor mills. Don’t believe what you read on Twitter” regarding the hire of the new Bucs coach.

Noland sounds eerily like athletic director David Mullins did 17 years ago when he was conducting the coaching search to find Ed DeChellis’ successor. Mullins then told Johnson City Press sports editor Kelly Hodge he was conducting the search for the best coach “rather than fuel the rumor mill.”

One season after Mullins made his hire, the Bucs finished 10–19.

Why is providing information feeding the “rumor mill?” Why is healthy publicity disdained by ETSU brass?

What’s with the polite version of “shut up and let us do our job, and we don’t care how this makes Jason Shay and our previous coaching staff look?”

Noland even spoke of ETSU as finishing 26th in the coaches’ Top 25 College Men’s Basketball Poll.

There is no 26th in a Top 25. While it’s true ETSU had the most votes of any team not in the Top 25, what’s…