ETSU Signs Football Coach Randy Sanders Through 2023

This extension may show how bad ETSU football was in the past. But possibly not in the future.

Marky Billson, host of Tri-Cities Sports NOW

East Tennessee State may finally, at long last, be serious about winning in football.

Head coach Randy Sanders’ contract extension through 2023 gives him the length on his contract that will convince recruits he’ll be at ETSU long term.

ETSU head football coach Randy Sanders talks to a side judge.

Compare this to a previous era, when Paul Hamilton coached on year-to-year contracts. Frankly it’s amazing Hamilton did as well as he did with the handicaps he was given to deal with, including four fewer scholarships than his Southern Conference brethren.

Sure, one could offer criticisms of Sanders, despite the Buccaneers’ 8–4 record. Why did he mess with Logan Marchi at quarterback to start the 2018 season? Why did offensive coordinator and former star ETSU wide receiver Marcus Satterfield really leave for an entry level position at Baylor?

And isn’t it convenient that star defensive back Tyree Robinson has not been made available to the press in the months following his incident with Sanders during spring practice last year?

Still, four years on a contract is a necessary item for a college coach to have. While it is not a guarantee he or she will stay, what does it say if he or she doesn’t have it?

Case in point, Carl Torbush’s contract was never extended at ETSU. How’d that work out?

For years ETSU seemed to run their athletic program as if they were clipping coupons. Now, they seem to get it, and the contracts given to Sanders as well as men’s basketball coach Steve Forbes show that.

Since the Southern Conference isn’t what it once was, there is a chance ETSU can win on the gridiron as they haven’t before. While the Bucs were often winning with mirrors in 2018 so their record will likely not improve in 2019, giving the commitment to Sanders was the best thing to do for the future of the program.

I just wonder what Robinson feels about it.

Tyree Robinson, whom Sanders’ handling of during spring practice earned the coach a letter of reprimand, may be the Bucs’ best returning player in 2019. Here he deflects a pass intended for Tennessee’s Josh Palmer.

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