Holly Warlick Was Fired For Not Being Pat Summitt

Marky Billson
5 min readMar 28, 2019

What will the image of the Lady Vols be now?

Does Jeff Walz, reportedly the front runner to become the next head coach of the Tennessee women’s basketball team, have a “stare?”

Is that the prerequisite for being the head women’s basketball coach at Tennessee?

Because Tennessee fans kept pointing to Holly Warlick’s lack of a stare of discontent, a la Pat Summitt, as for the reason she wasn’t a good head coach.

Heaven help whoever the next head coach of the Lady Vols is if she or he can’t make a face like Alyssa Milano at the Brett Kavanaugh hearings.

And so we get to the real reason Warlick is no longer the head coach of the Lady Vols.

She wasn’t Pat Summitt.

Never mind the accomplishments of the Lady Vols, or lack thereof, were the same as what Summitt achieved during the last four years of her head coaching career. Never mind Summitt’s success predominantly came in an era when Tennessee would have opposition from the likes of Old Dominion and Louisiana Tech instead of Notre Dame and South Carolina. Never mind Connecticut passed Tennessee as the premier brand in women’s college basketball during Summitt’s tenure. Never mind Warlick was Summitt’s right hand woman for more than a generation as an assistant coach. Never mind Warlick was such a legend on the hardwood she had her number retired before her playing career with the Lady Vols was over.