It’s Time to Hold ETSU Administration Responsible For the Demise of the Bucs, Too

Marky Billson
7 min readOct 17, 2023

And not just Scott Carter, either

Marky Billson

Ask the typical ETSU fan, or at least the one that comments on social media, and they’ll tell you the reason for the demise of ETSU athletics is former athletic director Scott Carter.

A “Yes Man” hire, established years ago when he played henchman for an administration trying to admonish students who wanted to restore ETSU’s football program, Carter consistently hired poor coaches who did everything from take championship level football programs directly in to the toilet to losing women’s basketball coaches who committed Title IX violations.

He is an easy and rightful scapegoat for the fact the ETSU football program is in ruin and the men’s basketball team has not posted a winning record against Division I competition since Steve Forbes left for Wake Forest.

Conversely, Brian Noland and Richard Sander are viewed as the saviors of ETSU athletics.

And to a certain extent they are. Noland built back up what his predecessor, Paul Stanton, tore down; namely the football program and membership in the Southern Conference.

Sander, meanwhile, has a track record of hiring quality coaches at both ETSU and Virginia Commonwealth.

But this does not absolve Sander and Noland for the demise of ETSU football.

Brian Noland (left) and Richard Sander (right)

It isn’t just the program has fallen so far so fast under Carter hire George Quarles, an inept and overmatched head football coach who has taken a program that finished 11–2 in 2021 with 14 starters back to such a level of ineptitude in their subsequent 17 games that their victories against Division 1 competition have only come against teams with a combined 1–28 record.

It’s that Sander and Noland continue to allow Quarles to coach. To embarrass himself, and therefore the university if not the community, at press conferences, to see his football players not just get beat but get beat up, to tell the fan base that they are just fine with the way things are going and to be a college led by a high…