Tre Lamb Hired As ETSU Head Football Coach- What It Means

Marky Billson
5 min readNov 28, 2023

An insight as to who the next athletic director will be was shown with this hire

Marky Billson

As I’ve said many times before, East Tennessee State always likes to overrate themselves.

This is a program that once hung a banner up for their men’s basketball team commemorating the one week in 1991 they were ranked №10 in the nation.

They say they play in “God’s Country” and they have the best environment in the SoCon.

Few who have ever been to a football game at The Citadel would suggest the military showmanship at Johnson Hagood Stadium is inferior to the buzz of “How are the Vols doin’?” that goes around the Bucs’ yard during a Saturday afternoon in the fall, but, ultimately, no matter what, ETSU has to tell you everything associated with them is incredible, if not sensational.

So what the hire of former Gardner-Webb football coach Tre Lamb does is give ETSU a chance to crow on modest achievements again.

I honestly think Lamb will improve the football program to a degree but boy, I’m getting some serious “Coach Doogie Howser” vibes off this photo, aren’t you?

For even at the nadir of their football program, the Bucs have taken away a young coach from a neighboring FCS program! They’ve prevented him from even looking at his alma mater, Tennessee Tech! And by golly, he took the long-suffering Bulldogs program to the playoffs two years in a row!

Though, if the truth be known, the level of play Gardner-Webb played in the Big South and this season a Big South/Ohio Valley Conference alliance wasn’t exactly impressive.

Even with the declining level of football competition in the Southern Conference, it was one of the SoCon’s also rans, Mercer, who bounced the Bulldogs out of the playoffs this year.

Gardner-Webb scored seven points in the game. ETSU’s battered offense scored six on the Bears this year.

Lamb’s 18–13 record against the FCS in his four years at the Bulldogs’ helm translates to 6–4. If future schedules include a D-II opponent that translates to 7–4; if ETSU gets some money by taking a drubbing against the FBS then they’ll be it’s 6–5.